The BlendIT Story:

  Hi, welcome to BlendIT Beauty! I'm Lisa Gibson and I created BlendIT Beauty Brush after years of working in the Hollywood studios as a celebrity professional makeup artist. I listened to celebrities and everyday women as well, in my makeup chair. I realized, thru the years, I continued to hear the same questions, "How do I apply my own makeup like you, Lisa?"  Another constant question was, "what cosmetic brand?" as if there was one brand of makeup that is the key to blending & creating all types of makeup looks. 

If the key to creating beautiful and varied makeup looks was simply about brand, price level, trendy product names or pretty packaging, pro makeup artists like myself wouldn't have careers! Application is the one and only key to applying any type of makeup look and now with BlendIT Beauty Brush, all can have the celebrity perfect makeup looks they deserve!

 Patent Pending BlendIT Beauty Brush is for everyone (created to help the non pro makeup artist achieve pro makeup application results), ages 12 to 112, "Glamour Girl" to "Granola Girl"! No matter what your makeup style, all makeup should be well blended. 

BlendIT Beauty Brush will help give everyone flawless application & gorgeous makeup looks, just like your favorite celebrities! 

 BlendIT Beauty Brushes are like having a celebrity pro makeup artist guiding your every brush stroke! 

Lets face it, pun intended, no YouTube makeup tutorial or magazine 'how to' using words such as, "smudge", "tap" or "smooth" gives women the one & only key to pro perfect blending. BlendIT Beauty Brush is that key! Not only does BlendIT Beauty Brush safeguard every step of makeup application, it also picks up the correct amount of cosmetic product every time! No more tapping or blowing excess makeup off your brushes wasting money and creating a mess! BlendIT Beauty Brush picks up the perfect amount of cosmetic product and delivers blended, smooth makeup application to every feature!


BlendIT Beauty Brushes are specifically designed and calibrated to deliver the exact amount of pressure for each facial feature. Each brush has a corresponding flexible handle of differing lengths & beautiful colorful stabilizing beads that do the job! Our innovative Grip Bead of differing color (grip bead placement is my recommendation, you may adjust your own grip higher or lower to best suit your own personal needs during application & blending)  also insures correct grasp of our brushes so they deliver eyeshadow, blush, contour, highlight, eyeliner and more to your face as if a celebrity pro makeup artist was applying your makeup! Each brush delivers its own specific pressure and flex to mimic pro makeup artist application!  Our handles are never flimsy yet not the basic rigid handles either.  Each brush is designed, calibrated & balanced according to my specific touch & pressure to simulate my pro makeup artists application to help create any look you desire!

For example: our eyeliner brush has less flex and a shorter handle to help line eyes to perfection and our blush brush has a longer handle and more flex to deliver subtle color flawlessly!

You've never seen makeup brushes like mine and you won't know until you try! Go ahead and become a BlendIT Beauty with BlendIT Beauty Brush, your Magic Wand!

Everyone deserves celebrity pro makeup artist application, not just celebrities!