I'd like to give my very special thanks to all those who helped me make my BlendIT Beauty Brush dream come to be!

Thank you to D, my heart, soul & my love for life.

Thank you to Binde Rai, photographer & friend.

Thank you to Sarah of the amazing beauty & fashion website, http://www.beautypointofview.com Designer of BlendIT's Logo & adviser, friend, confidant & Angel!

Thank you to Kiarra Beard, model. Thank you for letting us experience your beauty, grace, kindness & gorgeous face!

Thank you to Vanessa Chavez for sharing your beautiful face with us! Your willingness to help is very appreciated!

Thank you to Jennifer Jeeves for lending us her lovely face!

Thank you to Gina, my dearest friend and extremely talented celebrity makeup artist!

A very special thank you to my beautiful daughter, Olivia, who is my source of laughter, love & my joy! I love you to the moon and back!

One final thank you to my mother, Patricia, for always believing in me no matter what. For being in my corner and for being my greatest cheer leader throughout my life.