BlendIT 2 Style Face Set *

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Blendit Beauty Brush 2 Style Face Brush Set helps do the blending for you! Designed by a Celebrity pro makeup artist, our unique technology delivers the key to smooth, even blending by safeguarding against pressing too hard with our Patent Pending flex & beautiful stabilizing  beads! Glide on most types of foundations, concealers, blushes, contours, highlights and bronzers with ease! 

All our brushes are multi use, so go ahead & contour, shade, highlight & more using creams or powders!The flat shape of our Foundation Brush allows even application on every facial curve!  Bend our brushes to suit your needs for any area you want to makeup! Our brushes design is so versatile that our patented flex can be used as designed, to safe guard & mimic pro like application, as well as bend for harder to access areas! Apply concealer effortlessly as our bristle shape is small & dense enough for under eyes as well as carving out amazing cheekbones just like a pro!  Our Slant Blush brush bristle shape makes it easy to follow your every curve to enhance, highlight, contour, bronze & apply powders with ease! Blendit Beauty 2 Style Face Brush Set helps do all the work for you! The flex design and innovative contrasting color"Grip" Bead  (grip bead is our recommendation, you may grip brush higher or lower to suit your needs).

*Note- New Black Beads with CLEAR Grip Bead available in ALL brushes and sets, though not pictured as 2 Face Brush Set. Select "Black Tie" to choose black beads with CLEAR Grip Bead.

Go ahead and  get creative! You now have the key with BlendIT! Blend and create any look you want assured that you have the help of Blendit Beauty Brush!

BlendIT Beauty Brush, Your Magic Wand!

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Our brushes are durable yet should be cleaned according to our instructions only. To clean brushes, use 91% Isopropyl alcohol and either spray or dip bristles to saturate and gently wipe back and forth on a clean towel. For deeper cleansing: Wash bristles only using baby shampoo & water. Use care to keep brush ferrule/handle away from alcohol & water.

*Note:  All brushes are hand crafted, not made in a factory. Slight curves in our flexible handles & variations brush to brush may occur & are to be expected.


  • 2 Style Face Set on SALE!! Unique Gift!!