BlendIT 6 Brush Set *



 Including our Slant Blush, Flat Foundation, Slant Eyeliner, Fine Eyeliner, Detail Eyeshadow & Fluff Eyeshadow brushes for one price! Our 6 key brush styles are enough to get you on your way to creating beautifully blended natural looks, full glamour looks & everything in between!  All our brushes are multi-use! Blend out eyeliner to soften using our Slant Eyeliner Brush and use it to achieve flawless, perfectly blended eyebrows too!
Detail Eyeshadow Brush works equally well to add or blend concealer or cover a blemish! Fine Tip Eyeliner Brush doubles as a great way to cover tiny scars or blemishes! Add a shimmer down the bridge of your nose, cheekbones or bow of your lips, using our Fluff Eyeshadow Brush! It delivers the perfect amount of pressure for blending transition colors like a pro as well as insuring proper amount of product pickup on our shed free, vegan bristles! No more tapping or blowing with BlendIT!
Apply creams or powder bronzers, blushes, concealers using either of our Face Brushes! BlendIT Beauty Brushes are as versatile as the looks you can now create using them! No need for zillions of brushes (unless you're a pro), a few key brushes are all you need!

Brush Sets are sold in one color selection only. 

* New "Black Tie" design, Black with CLEAR Grip Bead - Shown in first photo.

Makeup application must be done by building up colors, not just trying to apply products in one try. Gradual build up is key & our brushes guide you, reminding you with our unique flex design & colorful stabilizing beads of the perfect touch to achieve beautifully blended makeup every time! Using BlendIT's Detail Brush rather than the standard rigid handle brushes, you have the key to apply your makeup just like a pro!

Trust BlendIT Beauty Brushes to simply & easily create virtually any makeup look you want with all your favorite makeup brands and colors (creams, liquids and powders, all our brushes are multi-use)  knowing you have our special design, including our Special, differing color Grip Bead  (grip bead is our recommendation, you may grip brushes higher or lower to suit your own preferences - If you require no flex, simply grasp handle where brush connectsto show you exactly where to hold our brushes, resulting in mistake proof application every time!

BlendIT Beauty Brush, Your Magic Wand!

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Our brushes are durable yet should be cleaned according to our instructions only. To clean brushes, use 91% Isopropyl alcohol and either spray or dip bristles to saturate and gently wipe back and forth on a clean towel. For deeper cleansing:  Wash Bristles only with baby shampoo & water, using care to keep brush ferrule/handle connection away from alcohol & water. Never use brush cleaner containing acetone.

*Note:  All brushes are hand crafted, not made in a factory. Slight curves in our flexible handles & variations brush to brush may occur & are to be expected.

  • 2 Style Face Set on SALE!! Unique Gift!!