Fluff Eyeshadow Brush *


BlendIT Beauty Brush Fluff Eyeshadow Brush blends all your shadows for you! Our top quality, vegan synthetic bristles blend all types of eyeshadows to pro perfection! Add crease color, blend, deposit highlight accents to tear ducts & more! 100% high quality, shed free bristles dense enough to hold on to any shadow & deposit color flawlessly! Multi-use brush (as are all our brushes), Fluff Eyeshadow brush blends transition colors seamlessly as well as delivers pro contour for smaller facial areas such as sides of nose! Equally beautiful application for adding highlight ("strobing") down bridge of nose, bow of lips & tops of cheekbones! No need to worry about blotching or too much product, our patented flex insures the perfect amount of cosmetic on our bristles...no more tapping or blowing off excess product! Creams & powders, BlendIT does in all!

*NOTE- Our new design, "Black Tie" (CLEAR Grip Bead/Black Beads,shown in first photo) is available any sets or individual styles!

Hold brush where you see the contrasting Grip Bead (this is our grip suggestion, you may adjust your grip to best suit you- If you prefer no flex, simply grasp where handle & brush connect). This will insure the best results during makeup application. Use soft strokes & build up your shades like a pro. Pressing too hard is the cause of most application mistakes. BlendIT won't allow you to press to hard. We designed our Fluff Eyeshadow Brush to allow on the perfect amount of pressure against the skin & during product pickup. Our flex reminds you when you are using to much pressure to insure you get the best makeup results fast, every time and for every look you create!  Let BlendIT do the Blending for you!

BlendIT Beauty Brush, Your Magic Wand!

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Our brushes are durable yet should be cleaned according to our instructions only. To clean brushes, use 91% Isopropyl alcohol and either spray or dip bristles to saturate and gently wipe back and forth on a clean towel.  For deeper cleansing: Wash with baby shampoo & water using care to keep brush/ferrule handle away from alcohol & water. Never use brush cleaner containing acetone.

*Note:  All brushes are hand crafted, not made in a factory. Slight curves in our flexible handles & slight variations brush to brush may occur & are to be expected.

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